ceramics, block prints, and fiber arts

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Beautiful. Functional.

Redbubble is the place to buy STICKERS. They also do on-demand printing on clothing, accessories, and home goods.
The Delicion on Etsy, for original artwork, hand-thrown ceramics, ceramic buttons, fabric market bags, block prints, and hand-carved unmounted stamps

The Delicion

threadless provides on-demand printing for clothing, accessories, and home goods. You can score designs I've submitted so I can earn cash money. holla!
My photography is for sale on Shutterstock

Thanks for visiting! I'd offer tea, but it might fry your device. Instead, check out some pretty things I've made and photographed through etsy, redbubble, Shutterstock, and threadless. If you'd like to give me a tea, please click my Ko-Fi link.

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